Japan includes four main islands, including the islands of Okinawa. Among such, Shikoku Island is the bunch’s smallest and therefore the least-visited. That said, the area’s not without its exclusive and endearing charms. Shikoku is known for his 88-day temple pilgrimage that includes a grueling multi-day trek traveling temple to temple along the circumference of the island.

Nara Park

Nara Park is situated about an hour or so so south of Osaka and is best known for its cute and mischievous deer. Nara Park also has two very important cultural properties, the Giant Buddha at Todai-ji temple and the Kasuga Grand Shrine, in addition to these free roaming wild critics.


Hakone is a popular destination with spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, if the weather is at your side! This can both be a perfect day trip and a destination for overnight stays. Hakone is known for its hot springs but has a lot to do when it comes to leisure.